The Wellbeing Academy

The wellbeing Academy is a leading provider of Counselling and Psychotherapy for all ages. 

Our Counsellors provide face-to-face or online therapy for adults experiencing personal, emotional and psychological issues. From general anxiety, depression, and bereavement to stress, trauma, relationship issues and family conflict, we can help. 

Our Youth Counsellors work with teenagers experiencing complex emotions, relationship issues, sexuality issues, stress and anxiety.  Young people can discuss distressing issues with a skilled and impartial practitioner to address problems at home, with friends, at school, or in college. 

Our Children’s Counsellors help youngsters explore thoughts and feelings through art and creative activities, helping them make sense of what’s going on in their life and find ways to cope when things are difficult. We know that when children are struggling, it can be worrying as a parent, so we also offer parent/carer consultations.

That Place in the Bay

That Place In the Bay is a charity that was set up to use art and crafts as a means to improve social and mental well-being. It is a community hub that promotes and facilitates other community groups such as Andy’s Man Club.  

The club opens on Christmas Day to provide a meeting place for anyone feeling socially isolated. They provide classes and work closely with schools and health-related groups to provide as many services as possible. 

The charity promotes positive community well-being and is a community hub that encourages small local businesses and provides help and support.

Start Scotland

Fedcap Scotland is currently running the Fair Start Scotland contract in Fife supporting people into employment.  We are based in Dunfermline but run an outreach programme meaning we travel all over Fife to see our customers.  It is a free tailored service that looks at each customer’s needs and creates bespoke action plans to work on things such as CVs, interview skills and training options.

As well as employability advice our customers can access help from our Health and Wellbeing Team. This includes 1-2-1 support, for mental and physical health needs, as well as virtual group sessions such as anxiety management, confidence building, pain management, disclosing health conditions and more 

Once work is secured, we provide 1 year of work support to assist with travel to work, clothes, PVG or any other needs and ensure our customers are settled into long-term sustainable work.

Sam’s Cafe

The team at Sam’s Fife are employed peer workers with SAMH (the Scottish Association for Mental Health), a Scottish-wide charity offering mental health support within the communities of Scotland.

Peer workers at Sam’s Fife have a lived experience of mental health issues and a recovery journey.

Peer workers offer their understanding of how it can feel to live with mental health issues.

Sam’s Fife work with people (aged 16 years plus and no longer in school education) across the whole spectrum of mental health and offer support for people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

At Sam’s Fife, we offer support for family, carers and friends.

The team at Sam’s Fife believe in being there for people in their community… in the afternoon and into the evening time.


Whatever you’re facing, a Samaritan will face it with you

Every 10 seconds, Samaritans respond to a call for help. 

We’re here, day or night, for anyone who’s struggling to cope, who needs someone to listen without judgement or pressure. 

Samaritans are not only for the moment of crisis, we’re taking action to prevent the crisis. 

We give people ways to cope and the skills to be there for others. And we encourage, promote and celebrate those moments of connection between people that can save lives. 

We offer listening and support to people and communities in times of need. 

In prisons, schools, hospitals and on the rail network, Samaritans are working with people who are going through a difficult time and training others to do the same. 

Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy, and Samaritans’ vision is that fewer people die by suicide. 

That’s why we work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention a priority.

Link Befriending

LINK Fife Mental Health Befriending Projects provide a befriending service for Adults and Young People who have become isolated, lonely and disengaged due to a mental health issue. The aim of befriending is to enhance the quality of the befriendee’s life by supporting their welfare, personal development and capacity for self-determination, through forming a trusting relationship with a befriender. 

Volunteers provide regular 1-2-1 emotional, social and practical support which positively impacts people’s well-being and connectedness, and encourages them to participate more fully in the life of the community. 

LINK is a member of Befriending Networks, Volunteer Friendly Award accredited and is proud to be a Real Living Wage employer. 


Fife Alcohol Support Service is a leading provider of counselling and psychotherapy for people in Fife with alcohol-related problems. We help people deal with addiction, excessive regular drinking and binge drinking. 

We also have extensive self-help resources for anyone looking to cut down or stop because of worries they may be drinking too much. 

Our other projects include the Community Drug Service which offers outreach support in the community for people with drug-related problems. 

Our ADAPT service can advise, guide and support you into the best help and treatment that is available in Fife. 

Finally, our Curnie Clubs help people suffering from social isolation find their way back into community life.  

Our Counsellors within FASS are experienced in facilitating and supporting clients who have various mental health conditions.  It is identified that some clients initially use alcohol/substances to cope with underlying or undiagnosed mental health conditions, which can over time develop into compulsive and addictive substance/alcohol use.  It is also recognised that substances can cause, and indeed exacerbate existing mental health conditions, in particular, anxiety and depression and may in some cases lead to a serious mental health diagnosis.

Express Group

Express Group (Fife) Ltd is a mental health charity operating in Fife for almost fifty years. We provide group activities and one-to-one work for people over 18 experiencing poor mental health. The aim of the Groups is to provide a safe place where service users can share experiences and support each other (peer support). This aim is as relevant today as it was in 1977, and the number of people living in the community with mental health problems is as large as ever. 

For some, the Groups are perhaps the only place they can meet people and socialise; for others, they are a chance to help and show what they can do. Although the Groups are supported by volunteer helpers, many of whom have given years of service, and by paid staff, they are in essence what their users of the service make them. All the Groups are safe places where people can relax and move forward at their own pace, but each Group has its own character.  

At our groups, participants receive a light breakfast of toast and tea/coffee (bottomless) and a simple cooked lunch at the end. Activities are decided by the participants and include playing board games, doing arts and crafts, doing crosswords and other puzzles, playing bingo, or just sitting and chatting with old and new friends.  

If you or someone you know want to find out more about the Groups, please get in touch with us. We have a referral system in place for joining our groups. Referral and self-referral forms can be downloaded from our website or  
requested from the office by sending an email to [email protected] 


Combat Stress

At Ageless Companions we know that loneliness and isolation is a big problem for many people and which inevitably affects a person’s mental health. We believe that a good chat and a little bit of companionship can make a huge difference to someone’s standard of life including an improvement in their mental health. 

Ageless Companions are a client lead service and we do what you would wish us to help with. We can accompany you to appointments, take you for a drive in the car, go to a café for a chat and cake or we can stay in the house and chat if that is what you wish us to do on that day. The times and days are mutually agreed upon between you and us. We can provide service Monday through Sunday. The charge is £16.50 PLUS VAT per hour, and you can have as many or as little hours as you wish per week. 

We match you up with a Companion who best suits your requirements, and an introduction meeting takes place before the service commences so there isn’t a strange face arriving at the house on the day the service starts. You are supported by the same Companion each visit as we believe that continuity is a necessity in order to build up trust and relieve apprehensions. 

A lovely lady who we support for 2 hours a week said that having her Companion was “better than taking any medication”. This lady now looks forward to her weekly visits and has a more positive outlook on life as well as experiencing a vast improvement in her mental health. 

As every individual is different, we are aware that the need for support varies, which is reflected in the dedicated service we provide, offering the best person-centred support to the individual.

Call us on 01592 396326 email us at [email protected] 

Find us on facebook – agelesscompanionsltd 

Look on our website – 

Charis Foundation

Charis Foundation is a professional counselling, training and retreat service in the heart of Fife, for the community of Fife and beyond. Charis provides counselling for a voluntary donation, to all people regardless of race, belief or social status. The charity is dependent on gifts from individuals and organisations and most team members give their time voluntarily.  

In addition to counselling, Charis delivers professional counselling courses at all levels accredited by CPCAB.   

Historically the charity has also offered retreats for individuals, churches and agencies. However, due to restricted resources, this service is currently on hold.  

Further information can be found on our website Please note that regretfully, at busy times a waiting list for counselling is in operation.