Shout is the UK’s first and only free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope.

We launched publicly in May 2019 and we’ve had more than 1.7 million conversations with people who are anxious, stressed, depressed, suicidal or overwhelmed and who need in-the-moment support.

As a digital service, Shout has become increasingly critical since Covid-19, being one of the few mental health support services able to operate as normal at this time.

Petes Man Chat Movement

Petes man chat movement is nothing more than a place to come and have a coffee and a blether. Whether you are in the worst place of your life or just feel like you are floating through, socialising is key. Everyone is there for the same reason so as far as being the perfect environment for a blether, its perfect.

I know it’s a massive step for some people but it’s time to get this sorted. I guarantee you within 5 minutes you will feel welcomed and settled. It’s a great bunch of guys and everyone is supportive.

Sometimes we get down to the nitty gritty of life and sometimes we blether about absolute rubbish but it’s all about the social aspect of life, putting yourself in that position and learning or even relearning how to communicate. We are social animals and without that we start to fall apart.

Most men don’t want to be a burden on the ones around them but how can you possibly be a burden on a stranger. Everyone gets something from it whether you are looking for advice or have advice to give, we all have something to offer.


Moodcafe is a website providing self-help information and support covering a wide range of topics – from managing your emotions, to anxiety and stress management techniques.

Moodcafe also provides areas dedicated to helping groups with specific needs, such as parents, teenagers, older people, carers, and those with addiction.

Fife Women’s Aid

Many women, who have experience of domestic abuse, have had no control over their lives for many years. They may never have had to make a decision regarding themselves, their children or home. Women and children also face the prospect of establishing themselves into a new community or school. Along with practical advice and support, the Fife Women’s Aid workers support women and children to become independent and confident as they can in all that they do. Telephone Support: 0808 802 5555 

Change Mental Health

Change Mental Health provide transformational support for people ensuring that everyone has access to the support they need, when they need it, and in a way which works best for them.

We seek to change society by changing attitudes, fighting stigma and influencing government to ensure a better quality of life for those affected by mental illness.

Carer Support Service – offering support and information for people who care for those with mental health challenges. We recognise the unique challenges of being a relative, friend or partner of someone living with mental illness and look to improve the health and wellbeing of Carers. We currently have 2 Carer peer groups running as well as 1 to 1 support.

Resilience Service – providing early intervention and support for people facing the stresses of everyday life who need help with their mental health needs, promoting resilience and recovery. We currently offer 1 peer support group and 1 online group for this service alongside 1 to 1 support

Hearing Voices Service – providing support to people who experience symptoms of psychosis, hear voices and experience sensory disturbances. We currently have 2 peer support groups weekly as well as 1 to 1 support.

(All of our services offer a safe, non judgemental space to allow the person we are supporting to talk about their life and the impact from mental health. We ensure people feel valued and listened to and work in a trauma informed person-centred way. We provide information and signposting on any other services that may be relevant in ensuring the correct support is in place for each individual or family. We accept referrals from third party organisations as well as self referrals from any individual looking for support. )

Breathing Space

We are a free, confidential, ‘phone service for anyone experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. We are here in times of difficulty to provide a safe and supportive space by listening, offering advice and providing information. It is our belief and hope that by empowering people, they will have the resources to recover. The service also provides a Webchat service which can be accessed via the website: Our service is open from 6pm till 2am Mon to Thursday and from 6pm on Friday till 6am on Monday.


At Ageless Companions we know that loneliness and isolation is a big problem for many people and which inevitably affects a person’s mental health. We believe that a good chat and a little bit of Companionship can make a huge difference to someone’s standard of life including an improvement in their mental health.

Ageless Companions are a client lead service and we do what you would wish us to help with. We can accompany you to appointments, take you for a drive in the car, go to a café for a chat and cake or we can stay in the house and chat if that is what you wish us to do on that day. The times and days are mutually agreed between yourselves and us. We can provide service Monday through to Sunday. The charge is £16.50 PLUS VAT per hour, and you can have as many or as little hours as you wish per week.

We match you up with a Companion who best suits your requirements, and an introduction meeting takes place before the service commences so there isn’t a strange face arriving at the house on the day the service starts. You are supported by the same Companion each visit as we believe that continuity is a necessity in order to build up trust and relieve apprehensions.

A lovely lady who we support for 2 hours a week said that having her Companion was “better than taking any medication” This lady now looks forward to her weekly visits and has a more positive outlook on life as well as experiencing a vast improvement in her mental health.

As every individual is different, we are aware that the need for support varies, which is reflected in the dedicated Service we provide, offering the best person-centred support to the individual, therefore if you would like more information, please

Call us on 01592 396326 email us at [email protected]

Find us on face book – agelesscompanionsltd

Look on our website –

Access Therapies Fife

Access Therapies Fife is a website providing information to help you deal with mental health challenges.

Run by NHS Fife’s psychology service, Access Therapies Fife hosts a number of online sessions for adults and young people, including sessions on stress management, assertiveness, and how to improve your sleep.

The majority of what Access Therapies Fife offers is self-referral and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Andys Man Club

In mid-2016, nine men met in a small room in the typical Yorkshire town of Halifax with a simple aim of talking through their issues and helping each other deal with their mental health. All in attendance were agreed there was a magic in that room that had to be shared. This was the start of a movement that has grown faster than anyone first involved could have ever imagined. Fast forward almost 6 years and ANDYSMANCLUB now has groups at over 126 locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

ANDYSMANCLUB takes its name from Andrew Roberts, a man who sadly took his own life aged 23 in early 2016. Andy’s family had no inkling that he was suffering or struggling to the extent that he would do this, and as a result looked deeper into male suicide and men’s mental health. They soon discovered that male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 54, with Male Mental Health surrounded by well-ingrained cultural stigma in the UK. Elaine Roberts and Luke Ambler are Andy’s Mum and Brother-in-Law, together they came up with the idea of ANDYSMANCLUB, a group where men aged 18 and above can speak openly about their mental health in a judgment-free, non-clinical environment. Groups now operate nationwide and are completely volunteer-led, with the vast majority of group facilitators having first interacted with ANDYSMANCLUB when they came through the door as a service user.

With their service used on a weekly basis by over 2800 men, and an army of over 1000 volunteers on board, the movement is continuing to grow on a week by week basis.

To attend ANDYSMANCLUB, drop us an email – [email protected]. or head to, find your nearest club, and simply attend!