The Wellbeing Academy

The wellbeing Academy is a leading provider of Counselling and Psychotherapy for all ages. 

Our Counsellors provide face-to-face or online therapy for adults experiencing personal, emotional and psychological issues. From general anxiety, depression, and bereavement to stress, trauma, relationship issues and family conflict, we can help. 

Our Youth Counsellors work with teenagers experiencing complex emotions, relationship issues, sexuality issues, stress and anxiety.  Young people can discuss distressing issues with a skilled and impartial practitioner to address problems at home, with friends, at school, or in college. 

Our Children’s Counsellors help youngsters explore thoughts and feelings through art and creative activities, helping them make sense of what’s going on in their life and find ways to cope when things are difficult. We know that when children are struggling, it can be worrying as a parent, so we also offer parent/carer consultations.


Having a child with a disability can impact families in a number of ways, including mental health and well-being, with isolation being a huge factor for many.  

When a child first receives a diagnosis or first starts requiring extra support, it of course puts extra strain on the family unit, and it impacts how everyone is feeling and their abilities to function. Often parents feel alone, and that other people just don’t “get it”.  It can be extremely challenging if friends and relatives have children who are meeting their milestones and attending mainstream activities, schools etc if your child is not developing in the same way and experiencing more challenges. This often ends up with parents reducing contact with people and becoming more isolated and with poor mental health.  

By bringing families together, in a safe and welcoming environment, they realise they are not alone, and that others are going through similar challenges and experiences. This reduces isolation, increases support networks and improves mental health and well-being. Families often tell us by using our services, that they feel better, stronger and more resilient in the day-to-day challenges they face.


Moodcafe is a website providing self-help information and support covering a wide range of topics – from managing your emotions, to anxiety and stress management techniques.

Moodcafe also provides areas dedicated to helping groups with specific needs, such as parents, teenagers, older people, carers, and those with addiction.


The free and confidential services that KASP offers throughout Fife enable survivors of childhood sexual abuse to make sense of the present in relation to the past. Being heard and supported can help to ease the pain and reduce the power and impact of the memories.

KASP has a range of services to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse including counselling/support, crisis/responsive support, issue based groupwork and a befriending service.

Symptoms that can be generated from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse can be excruciating and life inhibiting. Common responses include shame, anxiety, depression, anger, eating issues, substance misuse and relationship difficulties. Some survivors may be plagued by memories in the form of distressing flashbacks, body memories, mental images or nightmares. These symptoms are all normal responses to trauma but they can feel overwhelming and difficult to deal with.

KASP also offers support to non-abusing parents and friends of those supporting survivors.

We deliver training to raise awareness of CSA to groups throughout Fife.

If you would like more information please check out our website Call the office on 01592644217 or email us at [email protected]


DAPL is Fife’s local counselling service, born in the community 30 years ago by the request of families who were experiencing extreme trauma through deprivation and poverty.  DAPL provides a free and confidential counselling service delivered by qualified, experienced workers. Adults affected by substance use issues can access the services via a referral process.  

We are the commissioned  School Counselling Service in Fife and we are available to all children over 10 in both primary and secondary schools. These referrals can be made for a range of issues including  low mood, trauma, anxiety, bullying, substance use, stress… Referrals for the Children, Young Person’s and Family Service should be done through guidance teachers and primary school leads. We also provide a Digital Drop-in service to secondary school young people to ensure that they can access support without having to go through their GP, parents or teachers. 

Anyone that is referred to DAPL must be aware of the referral and be in agreement to the referral being made.  

You can find out more about us at and you can contact us directly via 01333422277.  

DAPL’s Counselling Service is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). 

Change Mental Health

Change Mental Health provide transformational support for people ensuring that everyone has access to the support they need, when they need it, and in a way which works best for them.

We seek to change society by changing attitudes, fighting stigma and influencing government to ensure a better quality of life for those affected by mental illness.

Carer Support Service – offering support and information for people who care for those with mental health challenges. We recognise the unique challenges of being a relative, friend or partner of someone living with mental illness and look to improve the health and wellbeing of Carers. We currently have 2 Carer peer groups running as well as 1 to 1 support.

Resilience Service – providing early intervention and support for people facing the stresses of everyday life who need help with their mental health needs, promoting resilience and recovery. We currently offer 1 peer support group and 1 online group for this service alongside 1 to 1 support

Hearing Voices Service – providing support to people who experience symptoms of psychosis, hear voices and experience sensory disturbances. We currently have 2 peer support groups weekly as well as 1 to 1 support.

(All of our services offer a safe, non judgemental space to allow the person we are supporting to talk about their life and the impact from mental health. We ensure people feel valued and listened to and work in a trauma informed person-centred way. We provide information and signposting on any other services that may be relevant in ensuring the correct support is in place for each individual or family. We accept referrals from third party organisations as well as self referrals from any individual looking for support. )

Breathing Space

We are a free, confidential, ‘phone service for anyone experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. We are here in times of difficulty to provide a safe and supportive space by listening, offering advice and providing information. It is our belief and hope that by empowering people, they will have the resources to recover. The service also provides a Webchat service which can be accessed via the website: Our service is open from 6pm till 2am Mon to Thursday and from 6pm on Friday till 6am on Monday.

Barnardos Wellbeing

Wellbeing in Fife supports you with your mental health and wellbeing. We help you to develop your skills to manage difficult feelings and emotions. This is done through upskilling, supporting and education around mental health and wellbeing. We’ll work with you to identify the best support for your needs within your local community at times and places that suit you. We work at an early intervention and preventative level, and you do not need a formal diagnosis to contact us.

We work in Fife – Northeast Fife, Leven, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath for anyone aged 5-26 and parents/carers.

Contact us at: [email protected]